Lan Goucho


Louie (Lan Goucho)

A piece commissioned by my very own grandmother (pastel on A3). This is my very special second pony, Lan Goucho (a.k.a.: Louie). Louie has had a tough life, from harness-focused Gypsies through a well-meaning, but unlucky home, to being left to ‘mature’ (i.e.: go feral) in a field for 1,5-2 years.

I’ve had the pleasure of owning this gorgeous boy since April 2014. At the time of writing this (October 2014), our bond has been somewhat shaken by my fall from him, resulting in ‘box rest’ for me and travelling up to a professional trainer for him. My recovery should take between 3-6 months. As for him… well, I’m starting to doubt he’ll ever be of sound mind. Perhaps I’ll just keep him as a big dog :]

Louie loves all things edible, but he seems particularly fond of purpose-made horse treats, as provided by our (until recently) shed buddy, Pamela.